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SIPS is a participatory platform developed by the CDBP (Centre de Documentation et de Bibliographie Philosophiques) of the University of Franche-Comté within the Logiques de l'Agir research team (UR 2274) and hosted on the servers of the MSHE Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (UAR-CNRS 3124).

It provides access to a bibliographic database with enriched records on the philosophy of science (formal sciences, natural and medical sciences, human and social sciences, history of science and technology).

It contains descriptive records of the content of relevant bibliographic references in these fields (individual and collective works, journal articles, chapters in edited volumes, theses, etc.).

The SIPS is run jointly by researchers and doctoral students from the Logiques de l'Agir laboratory and partner teams in the context of research projects developed by the laboratory, in particular in the fields of philosophy of the humanities and of the social sciences, medical humanities, environmental humanities and digital humanities.

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