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On the Prospects for Virtue Contextualism : Comments on Greco

  • Pages : 401 à 413
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  • DOI : 110.1007/s10670-004-9285-3
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  • Date de création : 04-01-2011
  • Dernière mise à jour : 20-02-2012

Résumé :


John Greco has proposed a new sort of contextualism which exhibits a principled grounding in an agent reliabilist virtue epistemology. In this paper I will discuss Greco’s two main reasons in favor of virtue contextualism. The first reason is that his account of knowledge can be derived from a more general theory of virtue and credit. The second reason consists in the thesis that a virtue contextualist solution to the lottery problem is superior to standards contextualism. With regard to the first claim, I raise some questions concerning the status and the content of the crucial conditions for Greco’s theory of intellectual credit. With regard to the second claim, I try to show that his arguments do not succeed in establishing the superiority of virtue contextualism to standards contextualism. I close with some remarks on the relation among Greco’s virtue contextualism, the traditional approach to the theory of knowledge and the proper domain of contextualism.


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