The Foundations of Mathematics, and other Logical Essays

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Although not yet 27 years of age at the time of his death, Ramsey left contributions to mathematics, logic, and economics which were of the greatest value for contemporary philosophy. The present volume contains published and unpublished papers, ranging in date from 1923 to 1929, which show the development of his philosophic thought. – Published Papers : – I. «The Foundations of Mathematics», Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Ser. 2, Vol. 25, Part 5, pp. 338-384. Read 12th November. 1925; – II. «Mathematical Logic», The Mathematical Gazette, Vol. 13, N° 184, pp. 185-194. October, 1926. [A paper read before the British Association, Section A, Oxford, August, 1926]; — III. «On a Problem of Formal Logic», Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Ser. 2, Vol. 30, Part 4, pp. 338-384. Read 13th December, 1928; – IV. «Universals», Mind, N.S., Vol. 34, N° 136, pp. 401-417. October, 1925; – V. «Note on the Preceding Paper : Universals and the “Method of Analysis”», Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume VI, pp. 17-26. July, 1926. [Symposium with H. W. B. Joseph (i) and R. B. Braithwaite (iii)]; – VI. «Facts and Propositions», Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume VII, pp. 153-170. July, 1927. [Symposium with G. E. Moore (ii)]; – Appendix ; «Critical Notice of L. Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus», Mind, N.S., Vol. 32, N° 128, pp. 465-478. October, 1923. – Unpublished Papers : – VII. «Truth and Probability», 1926; – VIII. «Further Considerations : A. Reasonable Degree of Belief; B. Statistics; C. Chance», 1928; – IX. «Last Papers : A. Theories; B. General Propositions and Causality; C. Probability and Partial Belief; D. Knowledge; E. Causal Qualities; F. Philosophy», 1929. M.-M. V.