The Founders of Western Thought. The Presocratics

A Diachronic Parallelism between Presocratic Thought and Philosophy and the Natural Sciences

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There are two main points within this book: Firstly, to make the founding and evolution of Western thought accessible to the reflective man of our day, since the spirit of the Presocratics – although it is considered to constitute a true intellectual revolution - remains unknown to the broader community and secondly to shed greater light – probably for the first time - on the scientific dimension of the Presocratics’ work, and show its timeless value. – This book is a balanced interdisciplinary philosophic-scientific presentation of the evolution of Western thought through the presocratic tradition, where the synthesis of rationality and intuition – rather than their opposition - is the key to answering all questions of science, as we now understand the them. It is a book that investigates the roots of Western science and philosophy, where probably for the first time a coherent interrelation is shown between presocratics’ thought and classical, as well as modern physical sciences. – It is addressed to the intelligent layperson as well as to the scientist of our time, who is interested in the emergence and evolution of Western thought – both scientific and philosophic. – Preface; – Introduction; – The Juncture; – Introduction to the Presocratics; – Thales; – Anaximander; – Anaximenes; – Pythagoras; – Xenophanes; – Heraclitus; – Permenides; – Empedocles; – Anaxogoras; – Democritus; – Epilogue, – [Original German edition published by Patmos/Artemis & Winkler Verlaag]. M.-M. V.