Religion, Science and Naturalism

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  • Pages : XVI-314
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  • Langues : Anglais
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  • Ville : Cambridge; New York
  • ISBN : 0521497086
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  • Date de création : 24-03-2014
  • Dernière mise à jour : 24-03-2014



This book considers the consequences of the natural sciences (physics, biology, neurosciences) for our view of the world. Willem Drees argues that religion and morality are to be understood as rooted in our evolutionary past and neurophysiological constitution. His book takes a more radical naturalist position than most on religion and science. But religion is not dismissed: religious traditions remain important as bodies of wisdom and vision. Physicist-philosopher-theologian Willem Drees offers a religious view of reality rooted in 'the rich possibilities of the natural world,' and he expects progress in religion by means of ongoing interaction with scientific knowledge. In the end, Drees provides a well-crafted survey of the science-religion landscape that also tries to reconcile the humility of science with the hope of religion. – Table of contents : – Preface. – 1. Religion and science: strategies, definitions, and issues; 2. Histories of relationships between science and religion; 3. Theology and knowledge of the world; 4. Theology and knowledge of human nature; 5. Science, religion, and naturalism. – References. – Index.