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Science and Necessity

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This book espouses a theory of scientific realism in which due weight is given to mathematics and logic. The authors argue that mathematics can be understood realistically if it is seen to be the study of universals, of properties and relations, of patterns and structures, the kinds of things which can be in several places at once. Taking this kind of scientific platonism as their point of departure, they show how the theory of universals can account for probability, laws of nature, causation and explanation, and explore the consequences in all these fields. This will be an important book for all philosophers of science, logicians and metaphysicians, and their graduate students. The readership will also include those outside philosophy interested in the interrelationship of philosophy and science. – Contents : – Preface. – 1. Realism and truth; – 2. Quantities; – 3. Modal language and reality; – 4. Modal ontology; – 5. Laws of nature; 6. – Causation; – 7. Explanation; – 8. Mathematics in science. – Coda: Scientific Platonism. – Includes bibliographical references (p. 389-398) and indexes.


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