The Development of Quine's Philosophy

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This book presents an overview of Quine's entire career and philosophical development. It highlights that Quine belongs in the tradition of the Vienna circle whose doctrines are undergoing a revival of interest at the present time; and it also casts an interesting light on the debate over analyticity and the consequent problems raised in the philosophy of logic and mathematics. – This book covers W. V. Quine's philosophic career from his early radical empiricism and behaviorism through his development of a series of skeptical doctrines regarding meaning, reference, and science. It explains what problems he tried to solve and what his solutions were. Resulting ina series of highly controversial claims that have won him international fame. His work is still a center of controversy and has lead to an enormous literature of commentary. – Contents : Introduction. – Chapter I. Logic and Philosophy; – Chapter II. Semantics and Ontology; – Chapter III. From Word and Object to The Roots of Reference; – Chapter IV. Last Revisions; – Chapter V. Conclusion. – Appendix; Notes.