Roger Penrose: Collected Works

Volume 2: 1968-1975

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  • Volume: 2
  • Pages: 959
  • Number of volumes: 6
  • Support: Print
  • Format: 26 cm.
  • Languages: Anglais
  • Édition: Original
  • Location: Oxford
  • ISBN: 978-0-19-921937-7
  • URL: External link
  • Creation date: 13-10-2011
  • Last update: 01-03-2015



Professor Sir Roger Penrose's work, spanning fifty years of science, with over five thousand pages and more than three hundred papers, has been collected together for the first time and arranged chronologically over six volumes, each with an introduction from the author. Where relevant, individual papers also come with specific introductions or notes. – Developing ideas sketched in the first volume, twistor theory is now applied to genuine issues of physics, and there are the beginnings of twistor diagram theory (an analogue of Feynman Diagrams). This collection includes joint papers with Stephen Hawking, and uncovers certain properties of black holes. The idea of cosmic censorship is also first proposed. Along completely different lines, the first methods of aperiodic tiling for the Euclidean plane that come to be known as Penrose tiles are described. This volume also contains Penrose's three prize-winning essays for the Gravity Foundation (two second places with both Ezra Newman and Steven Hawking, and a solo first place for 'The Non-linear graviton').