Using the mathematical literature. A practical guide

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  • Pages: IX-141
  • Book series: Books in library and information science
  • Number of volumes: 1
  • Support: Print
  • Format: 23 cm.
  • Languages: Anglais
  • Édition: Original
  • Location: New York
  • ISBN: 0-8247-6675-X
  • Creation date: 15-04-2011
  • Last update: 26-05-2011



Mathematical methods have penetrated innumerable fields of activity in science, technology, government, industry, and business. Despite this mathematization of culture, little attention has been paid to the literature of this discipline, or to information systems in mathematics. Surveys to determine the information needs and practices of mathematicians, moreover, reveal the striking fact that many use the literature only infrequently. The conclusion is inescapable that valuable services are going unused. Using the mathematical literature provides insight into the vast and varied amount of mathematical literature and a guide to its exploitation. Primary and secondary publications are regrouped into three divisions : journals, books, and reference books. Secondary access publications are discussed in connection with the primary publications to which they provide access. The major portion of the guide is devoted to the current literature of pure, or core, mathematics. Other portions deal with the literature of the applied mathematical sciences, the history of the mathematical literature up to the present time, and the nature and uses of contemporary mathematics and its literature.