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Laws of Nature: The Kantian Approach

  • Pages : 183 à 201
  • DOI : 10.1007/978-1-4020-9510-8_11
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  • Date de création : 04-01-2011
  • Dernière mise à jour : 22-02-2015

Résumé :


The problem of the laws of nature inside a Kantian perspective is analyzed. In this way, this paper tries also to cover a lack in the contemporary debate on this issue: a debate that, almost totally and incredibly, has neglected, and is neglecting, the Kantian position. In particular, it is shown how the three Kantian levels (the transcendental, the metaphysical, and the empirical one) are connected and how the problem of nomologicity versus accidentality could be solved at the empirical level.


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