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The reality of qualia

  • Pages : 133 à 168
  • DOI : 10.1007/s10670-006-9030-1
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  • Date de création : 04-01-2011
  • Dernière mise à jour : 04-01-2011

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This paper argues for the reality of qualia as aspects of phenomenal experience. The argument focuses on color vision and develops a dispositionalist, subjectivist account of what it is for an object to be colored. I consider objections to dispositionalism on epistemological, metaphysical, and ‚ordinary’ grounds. I distinguish my representative realism from sense-data theories and from recent ,representational’ or ,intentional’ theories, and I argue that there is no good reason to adopt a physicalist stance that denies the reality of qualia as phenomenally available intentional contents in Brentano’s original sense of ‚intentionality’.


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