Darwinism and its Discontents

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  • Pages : X-316
  • Support : Print
  • Format : 24 cm.
  • Langues : Anglais
  • Édition : Original
  • Ville : Cambridge [England]
  • ISBN : 0-521-82947-X
  • DOI : 10.2277/052182947X
  • Date de création : 04-01-2011
  • Dernière mise à jour : 30-09-2015



Presenting an ardent defence of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, this book offers a clear and comprehensive exposition of Darwin’s thinking. Michael Ruse brings the story up to date, examining the origins of life, the fossil record, and the mechanism of natural selection. Rival theories are explored, from punctuated equilibrium to human evolution (including the recently found ‘hobbits’, Homo floresiensis). The philosophical and religious implications of Darwinism are discussed, including a discussion of Creationism and its modern day offshoot, Intelligent Design Theory. Ruse draws upon the most recent discoveries, writing with a minimum of jargon in order to appeal to all readers, from professional biologists to those concerned that Darwinism is a naturalistic religion that is forced on school children despite their own Christian convictions. Openly revealing his own beliefs, Ruse presents readers with all the information and critical tools they need to make an informed decision on evolutionary theory. – Contents : 1. Charles Darwin and his revolution; 2. The fact of evolution; 3. The origin of life; 4. The path of evolution; 5. The cause of evolution; 6. Limitations and restrictions; 7. Humans; 8. Fact or fiction?; 9. Dishonest science; 10. Philosophy; 11. Literature; 12. Religion. M.-M. V.