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G. E. Moore. Essays in retrospect

  • Pages : 376
  • Collection : Muirhead library of philosophy
  • Support : Print
  • Edition : Original
  • Ville : London
  • ISBN : 0-04-192023-6
  • Date de création : 04-01-2011
  • Dernière mise à jour : 30-09-2015

Résumé :


The contribution made by G. E. Moore (1873-1958) to the philosophy of twentieth century has yet to be fully assessed. This collection of essays illustrates the extend to which Moore’s work has influenced and directed the thinking of many important contemporary philosophers. All of the essays were written in or after 1958 by philosophers whom Moore respected, among them A. J. Ayer, Gilbert Ryle, A. C. Ewing, C. D. Broad, the Kneales. The essays take up his metaphysical and ethical views, the philosophy of common sense which he made famous, and the method of investigation he conceived to be relevant to philosophical problems. In addition to studies on Moore’s special views concerning utilitarianism, the naturalistic fallacy, free will, propositions, linguistic analysis, etc, the book includes papers of a more general nature, and a biographical study by R. B. Braithwaite. M.-M. V.


Articles :

pages 17 à 33

George Edward Moore, 1873-1958


pages 34 à 52

George Edward Moore


pages 53 à 63

Moore’s commonplace book


pages 64 à 79

Some neglected issues in the philosophy of G. E. Moore

FINDLAY John Niemeyer

pages 80 à 88

Three aspects of Morre’s philosophy


pages 89 à 101

G. E. Moore’s “The Nature of Judgment”

RYLE Gilbert

pages 102 à 121

Moore and linguistic philosophy


pages 122 à 138

Reflections on some main problems of philosophy


pages 139 à 159

Moore and metaphysics

EWING Alfred Cyril

pages 160 à 192

Moore on existence and predication

KENNICK William Elmer

pages 193 à 203

Philosophy and ‘common sense’

BROAD Charlie Dunbar

pages 204 à 227

Moore on propositions and facts

AYER Alfred Jules

pages 228 à 241

Propositions and time

KNEALE William, KNEALE Martha

pages 242 à 268

Moore and analysis

GREIG Gordon

pages 269 à 291

Moore on free will

REDPATH Theodore

pages 292 à 303

G. E. Moore on the naturalistic fallacy

LEWY Casimir

pages 304 à 342

Intrinsic value : some comments on the work of G. E. Moore


pages 343 à 349

Moore’s utilitarianism

URMSON James Opie

pages 350 à 373

G. E. Moore‘s latest published views on ethics

BROAD Charlie Dunbar

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