Some Remarks on Cosmology and Scientific Realism

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    • Pages : 229 à 246
    • ISBN : 2-85816-803-2
    • ISSN : 1148-9227
    • Date de création : 04-01-2011
    • Dernière mise à jour : 26-06-2011



    Cosmology is discussed in light of the current debate on scientific realism. First, some crucial arguments against scientific realism are put into a historical context. Then, it is sketched which light they cast on physical cosmology. Recent arguments of instrumentalism, empiricism, anti-fundamentalism, historicism, and internalism are taken up. The small empirical basis and the constructive aspects of cosmology are emphasised, in particular concerning the cosmological principle. It is argued that the current disunity of physics is unavoidable, making the project of quantum cosmology problematical, whereas principles of scientific realism such as truth-as-correspondence and unity are also indispensable. Finally, the paper raises the question of internalism. Is the God’s Eye View of the universe represented by a cosmological model tenable, given that any physical knowledge is perspectival ?